Nature is crucial to well-being, and can greatly enhance our productivity and achievements. BlockO respects these values by creating a product which at the same time is eye-catching, practical and sustainable.


A hallmark of NeoCon since 1990, Best of NeoCon is the official awards program honoring outstanding new products. In 2023 BlockO FOUR and SIX were awarded by Best of Neocon in the category of Sustainability.

The perfect circle in a world of squares.

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Acoustic seater designed
for up to 4 people.

BlockO SIX

Acoustic seater designed
for up to 6 people.

Designer's Dream

The design of BlockO is patented
but for the finishings only sky’s the limit.
We only use the high-class materials, such as
FENIX laminates, Slalom ECOfelts,
Gabriel fabrics and natural wood.

A piece of Nordic Peace

The acoustic features of BlockO
have been proved by the Quiet Mark,
the independent global certification programme
associated with
the UK Noise Abatement Society.

Designed to Last

Each BlockO is 90% made from a renewable raw material – Finnish birch.
For the finishings we only use materials produced responsibly
and that meet our high-end quality requirements.
The acoustic material used inside the frame is made from recycled bottles.

Acoustic Backwall

Less Distractions, More Privacy.
The acoustic circle upholstered with ECOfelt
and surrounded by 8 mm thick safety glass
provides more privacy.

Maximum Comfort

The model year 2023
upgrades the comfort
to completely different

Spectral Blue

Disinfection lighting
together with
antimicrobial coating
destroys viruses and
bacteria from its surfaces.

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