Blocko provides an enhanced atmosphere of comfort and security for any space. It is equipped with sound absorbing walls and a disinfecting light.

Nature is crucial to well-being, and can greatly enhance our productivity and achievements. We wanted to respect these values by creating a product which at the same time is eye-catching, practical and sustainable. 

Every fifth Finnish family owns woodland, and that’s true of this family business too. A primary goal has been set for forest management: preserving forests as a permanent place for diverse fauna and flora to grow. As a result of Nordic forest management, the ability of forests to absorb carbon dioxide has improved continuously, thereby preventing the progression of the greenhouse effect.

For every Blocko that is carefully produced, we will plant a new birch tree on our family woodland. This young planted tree will have the best home and upbringing and will receive a specific name plate that states that she was born thanks to your specific Blocko! 

BlockO has the Quiet Mark certificate, an international award program that recognizes excellence in low-noise products, technology and solutions for unwanted noise.


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